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by akreon

Like the rest of your works, this is a very good piece with nothing that truly screams "big issue!". There are however some things that...



Engines makes music
Fellow children of man. I write this to you, in this magnificent time, this beginning of a new Glorious Age, for I know the unease and fear that lurk inside the hearts of many of you. The time of Prophecy have finally come upon us, so close I can almost hear the flickering of flames and the beats of heavy drums that have echoed throughout the darkness of our world for entire eras. The clockwork of our existence have ticked to empty beats, and the grind of its metal have roared where there have been none to hear it... until now. It has kindled fires in the hearts of many, but been extinguished in the hearts of many more... until now. And mankind have waited - until we forgot what it was we were waiting for.

... until now.

For the small kindles that have been set ablaze have come from a source, a source that roar with the flames of our very creation. It have always burned, always flickered and always whispered silently to those with the courage to listen. For tomorrow, on what the unfaithful call the 'doomsday', us faithful few shall await the return of the Eternal Fire Beast Himself! Destruction shall be brought upon Hip Hop and Rap, and righteous death shall befall unto Justin Beiber! For, indeed, the Mayans were right. An entire age is approaching its closure. And the dawn of a new one will rise and cast new light. The second age of HEAVY METAL is about to begin!

We await the return and revival of our God, the mighty Ormagöden! For we shall bask in the light of His fires, and our voices shall sing together with His mighty roars.. His many fists shall pound the very Earth itself into submission, and our hearts shall pound with them in a symphony of unison, togetherness and burning passion!

And for that reason, fellow children of man... I write this to you. For I know many of you have been told of the dire situation that others believe awaits us at sunrise. I know of your doubt. And of your fears. That some of you will write this message of as blasphemous, as a silly prank offered in the worst of times. You are my sisters and my brothers. Pathwalkers from all roads of life, fellow descendants of the ancient Titan toenail. I do not wish to see any of you succumb to the fear of the unknown, and together, we shall see the sun rise the day after tomorrow.
But I do not offer you a bad joke just before the dawn of destruction... I offer you a reminder to keep your faiths in all that is Trüe, and all that is Brütal.

... I offer you merely one thing. I offer you a reminder of hope.


.... Aaaaaaaand, now that am finished writing awesome but silly text-based tributes for the most Awesome of Videogame Creations(I had to do it before I died, really!), there shall be a feature in the honor of what might as well be our last day on Earth. As you all know, deviantArt is bursting to the seams with incredibly talented artists, many of which have not found the recognition or the following that they by all rights deserve. I have chosen to feature a few under-appreciated pieces of concentrated awesome in the following blog.

:iconmelora: : The Avenging Force by melora Summoner by melora  

:iconjasonbehnke: :    

:iconfetsch: :  Myranor Cover 2 by Fetsch  Posing in the Forest with some swords WiP by Fetsch  Mag'shid by Fetsch

:iconconcept-art-house: : Warrior Clothing Design by Concept-Art-House  Daomu, Issue 1, Page 1 by Concept-Art-House  Cancel by Concept-Art-House

:iconkian02: : SeahorseTravel by kian02  arr by kian02  cutie werewolf by kian02

:iconartcobain:  the elf 2 by artcobain  illustration by artcobain  spear of god by artcobain


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Ooops, sorry for the radio silence, Minty xD I lost my passwords to skype and dA with my old laptop, dang :/ So I got a new account. You can always send me a message there (username is skvaderflight) if you wanna talk more crap about flying saucers. 
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Hey! Thank you for the critique! I'll be sure to spend some time critiquing your work. I'll be heading out today but I'll do it tomorrow :) I well and truly appreciate the time you've put into helping me out.
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Awesome :)
Thanks a lot. Only happy I could help, it's really difficuklt to get a good critique on deviantArt for some reason!
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Mate I am in love with your adopts!!! Imma burn my credit card on your creations!!
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Happy birthday, hope you have a great day!
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